1st Michigan Realty is leading real estate data analytic company to evaluate/predict local Economy & Real Estate market and one-stop shop for all clients’ real estate needs, whether it is residential or commercial. We strongly believe in the idea that knowledge is power. We provide data analysis along with our experience to equip our clients to make the best economic decisions.   

壹密房产是一家以大数据为驱动的科技房地产经纪公司, 汇集了密西根最高效的民宅和商业房地产经纪人、 房地产投资咨询师以及管理的精英团队。 为客户提供全方位、 多角度、 宽领域的服务。公司拥有美国中西部最大的微信公众平台和一流的数据分析部门。我们的理念是:认知决定价值。 如果您想通过自己的知识和努力来帮助大家改变生活品质。 请加入我们。

Real Estate Assistant:

We are seeking a professional assistant to ensure the best customer services experience for our buyer and seller clients.

The ideal candidate possesses these qualities:

  • Active listener.
  • Technology savvy.
  • Quicker learner catches on after first time.
  • Organized and disciplined.
  • Self-starter with strong work ethic.
  • Willing to do what is necessary to ensure client happiness and satisfactions.
  • Excellent phone skills.
  • Excellent spelling/grammar skills (You will not receive an interview if there are mistakes).
  • Excellent handwriting.

We will train you and have an expectation that you will do as directed and be a creative thinker who spots opportunities for improvement and will implement!

The position Is currently part-time (20-25 hours per week), but our goal Is to continue our growth pattern and thus this will become a full-time job.

Compensation is hourly. Please attach resume in.pdf format for consideration to [email protected]

Intern Opportunities:

PR and Social Media Coordinator

1st Michigan Realty has an exciting opportunity for a Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator. The PR and Social Media Coordinator is responsible for content and coordination within various social media platforms and supporting public relations efforts through generation of press releases and other communications, as well as building social media presence on all platforms. Mainly on Wechat at this moment.

  • Manage social media, communications, and marketing campaigns, and day-to-day activities including creating, curating and managing all published content;
  • Monitoring, listening and responding to users while cultivating leads and building audience; conducting online advocacy and open stream for cross- promotions;
  • Developing and expanding community and/or blogger outreach efforts; and designing, creating and managing promotions and social ad campaigns.
  • Additional relevant clippings and press.
  • The position is currently part-time (10-20 hours per week), but our goal is to continue our growth pattern and thus this will become a full-time job.
  • 3+ years hands-on experience creating engaging social media posts on multiple platforms
  • Knowledge in all forms of social media, most importantly: WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Google+, and Twitter
  • Knowledge of Photoshop or other photo editing apps
  • Knowledge of press release generation and distribution
  • Organized and great attention to detail
  • Strong writing ability
  • Ability to manage accounts simultaneously
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications or similar field

Physical Location: Flexible.

Visa Sponsorship: Possible

Data Analyst-Internship

1st Michigan Realty is leading real estate data analytic company to evaluate/predict local Economy & Real Estate market. We deliver our information through a range of formats, from Website and Social Platforms. In this position, not only you can experience most fast-growing field but also to witness how data- & tech-driven tools helps client makes better decisions.

  • Analyze macroeconomic data: US census demographics, Household income level, Age ranges and Real Estate Data to interpret their effect on the local Real Estate Market.
  • Provide immediate commentary on major economic events and as economic data are released by publishing market snapshots, providing additional deeper analysis in daily / weekly publications.
  • Maintain a large number of real estate data models and spend about half of the time analyzing and writing, and half present to clients, agents, media.
  • Work together to develop data analysis, market modeling, chart creation, and other more immediate needs.
  • The learning curve is steep, so new team members’ understanding of the work flow is an important element.
  • Develop and maintain reliable quantitative and econometric models.
  • Assist in and contribute to the production of periodic research articles/documents.
  • Model and forecast key macro and financial variables for Michigan real estate market.
  • The position Is currently part-time (10-20 hours per week), but our goal Is to continue our growth pattern and thus this will become a full-time job.
  • Strong quantitative background in econometric analysis, statistical techniques, & Machine Learning.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English & Chinese.
  • Excellent proficiency of Excel, R, Python, or SQL.
  • Excellent proficiency of data visualization & Infographic, Tableau or Elasticsearch is preferred.
  • Knowledge on Mapbox, Arcgis and google Map is Plus. 
  • Must be able to handle high‐volume of publications and presentations production.
  • Must have an extremely strong attention to detail, ability to multi‐task.
  • Must work well in a collaborative, team‐centered environment.
  • Resilience – Stays calm and positive, controls his/her emotions in conflict or any situation of intense stress (due to market, time or client pressure).
  • Communication – Is an active listener and communicates clearly in English and Chinese.
  • Innovation – Thinks laterally to identify other sources of useful information and displays an ability to think outside the box.

Physical Location: Flexible.

Visa Sponsorship: Possible

市场部实习生 Marketing Intern (市场中文部)

  • 参与品牌及销售相关的线上线下推广及宣传营销活动;
  • 协助市场团队管理公司各社交媒体账号, 包括Facebook, Instagram, 微信公众号, 抖音账号 等, 尤其是微信文章的排版和撰写工作;
  • 推广壹密房产官方网站、APP和微信小程序;
  • 协助市场团队的活动策划工作, 负责联系本地 商家及学生组织, 置顶推广方案等;
  • 负责竞争品牌的市场调研, 市场活动及新媒体平台的调研工作, 分析竞争品牌的优劣势, 并提供发展改进建议报告;
  • 追踪壹密房产微信平台等自有社交媒体平台的各项数据、 包括 点击量, 浏览量, 客户群体等, 并提供媒体平台优化使用建议;
  • 参与壹密品牌宣传片、谈楼视频等视频的策划和拍摄过程。有机会参加壹密合作和壹密组织的各项娱乐活动;
  • 通过市场活动、市场渠道为销售部门提供销售线;
  • 此职位目前为半职,每周10-20小时。
  • 美本在读或以上学历, 专业不限, 有销售/ 咨询行业相关经验者优先;
  • 中英文听说读写流利, 熟悉中英文商业邮件写作;
  • 熟练掌握应用办公软件和社交媒体;
  • 优秀的线上线下沟通能力和人际交往能力;
  • 具备团队合作精神;
  • 具备良好的主观能动性, 以及时间管理能力;
  • 有较强的自我规划与约束能力;
  • 熟悉当地情况。
  • 设计软件(PS. AI. In-design等);
  • 擅长摄影摄像, 会使用视频剪辑(Adobe 系列, iMovie, Final Cut等);
  • 有新媒体推广或运营经验, 尤其微信公众号运营;
  • 对房地产行业了解或者感兴趣;
  • 拥有如digital advertising相关经验, 包括PPC, SEM, SEO,秀米等排版软件使用;

实习地点: 不限

工作签证: OPT,  CPT Available

平面设计实习生 Graphic Design Intern(市场中文部)

  • 根据壹密品牌指南,制作用于市场营销、线下活动和线上平台的平面设计;
  • 负责各类活动、网站及各社交媒体需求的物朴和平面设计;
  • 协助和合作印刷厂的沟通,以及相关印刷物料设计源文件的准备;
  • 配合销售团队的需求的相关设计;
  • 同时进行多个平面设计项目,开可以协调好各项目的优先权;
  • 平面设计素材库储备;
  • 参与市场部门各市场活动的会议。
  • 此职位目前为半职,每周10-20小时。
  • 美本在读或以上学历,设计及相关专业优先,有以往设计或广告相关实习经验优先;
  • 熟练掌握运用平面设计软件(PS, AI等),有手绘技能加分;
  • 擅长将创意灵感应用在不同的媒体平台和延展物籵;
  • 熟悉掌握应用办公软件和社交媒体;
  •  具备团队合作精神,愿意积极了解各个部门和职能团队,配合其他部门工作;
  • 具备良好的主观能动性,较好的时间管理能力,高度注重细节;
  • 准时交稿的时间观念和高效的工作方法;
  • 中英文双语。
  • 拥有视频拍摄/剪辑/公众号运营经验;
  • 有学生组织工作经验;
  • 对房地产行业了解或感兴趣。

实习地点: 不限

工作签证: OPT,  CPT Available

校园大使 Campus Ambassador(市场中文部)

  • 参与壹密生活相关的线上线下推广及宣传活动;
  • 协助市场团队的活动策划工作, 负责联系大底特律地区本地商家及学生组织置顶推广方案等;
  • 追踪壹密杜交媒体平台的各项数 据、包括点击量j浏览量j客户群体等,并提供媒体平台优化使用建议牌;
  • 参与壹密房产和密西根生活品 传片、 谈楼视频等视的策划和拍摄过程;
  • 通过市场活动、 市场渠道为销售部门提供销售线索。
  • 此职位目前为半职。
  • 美本或研究生在读学生,专业不限;
  • 一周能工作7到10小时不等;
  • 拥有良好的沟通能力} 杜交达人;
  • 责任心强, 拥有独立工作能以及团队工作能 力;
  • 有较强的自我规划和约束能力。
  • 拥有视频拍摄/剪辑/公众号运营经验;
  • 有学生组织工作经验;
  • 对房地产行业了解或感兴趣。

实习地点: 密西根各大校园

工作签证: OPT,  CPT Available

If interested, please mail application to:

1st Michigan Realty is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees and our independent contractors. 

1st Michigan Realty is a member of National/Michigan Board of Realtors and Michigan Commercial Board of Realtors 

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